Leading-edge ADAS Services at Mark Stewart Autobody.


In the rapidly evolving automotive market, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) stand out as the head of innovation, representing a major focus for Manufacturers worldwide. We are at the cutting edge of this growth, offering specialised services to enhance and maintain the innovative assistance systems that increase both performance and safety of your vehicle.

Innovative Safety and Convenience through ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

ADAS technologies are revolutionizing the driving experience by significantly reducing human error. Our services encompass a wide range of safety features including:

  • Automatic Braking: Minimizes the risk of collisions by automatically slowing or stopping your vehicle when a potential collision is detected.
  • Advanced Light Control: Improves visibility and reduces the strain on the driver during night-time or adverse weather conditions.
  • Blind Spot Detection: Alerts drivers to unseen vehicles in adjacent lanes, enhancing lane-changing safety.
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection: Monitors signs of driver fatigue, suggesting breaks when needed.
  • Night Vision: Enhances perception beyond the reach of standard headlights, detecting pedestrians, animals, and objects in low visibility conditions.


Beyond safety, ADAS also offers features aimed at improving driving convenience, including GPS-based navigation systems, automatic parking, adaptive cruise control and hill descent control. As these technologies continue to advance, our team undergoes constant training to stay ahead of the latest developments, ensuring we can effectively integrate, maintain, and upgrade these systems in your vehicle.

Our Commitment to


At Mark Stewart Autobody, we have made an extensive commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology, tools, and training. This ensures we can offer comprehensive support for all ADAS needs, from maintenance to upgrades, directly on-site, guaranteeing your systems operate flawlessly, enhancing both safety and convenience for you and your vehicle.

ADAS Installations Northern Beaches

To learn more about how our ADAS services can assist you with your driving experience, contact our expert team at 9907 1000. Let us assist you in navigating the complications of modern vehicle technologies with ease.